Josh Freeman Will Sign With Minnesota Vikings

Well, it looks like it will be official soon.  Multiple sources are reporting that Josh Freeman will sign a one-year contract with the Minnesota Vikings.

As a Vikings fan, I am torn on what to think of this signing.   It is definitely an area of need for us, but at the same time it ads more problems to a situation already filled with some controversy.  The biggest question is, will it help us win?  If he is the answer to the problems this offense has, than great, awesome pickup.  But if he is only slightly better than what we already have, then it may take us out of the hunt for a franchise QB in the 2014 draft.

He also will need at least a couple weeks to learn the playbook (maybe not since Musgrave is an absolutely awful OC).  If Cassel keeps up his level of play through that time, will this move even be worth it?  On one hand I like the signing because it means the franchise is finally recognizing the problem at QB, and that Adrian Peterson wants to win now and needs a quality QB to do so.  Although AD is a freak of nature that I believe will shatter the current shelf-life of running backs, in theory he only has so many years of effectiveness left, and we need at least one or two Super Bowl victories to ensure that what will be the greatest running back of all-time, will spend his entire NFL career as a Viking.

If Mcleod Bethel-Thompson will be released remains to be seen.  Before this signing I would have liked to see him be the backup to the potential franchise QB we take in the draft,  with Cassel taking the reins while the draft pick gets himself accustomed to playing in the NFL.  In this situation Ponder is traded or released.

Personally I believe no QB will be successful for us in Bill Musgrave’s system.  I feel very strongly that he should be fired.  Maybe Ponder would have played and developed better in a different offensive coordinator’s system.  What will be awful for Vikings fans is if Ponder can find success with his next team.

My biggest problem with Ponder is his decision making.  He is not able to pull off a comeback because of it.  Also, he doesn’t manage the clock well.  His footwork is atrocious when he is under pressure.  However, I feel that with the right coaches (offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach; remember that Leslie Frazier is a defensive specialist) he could correct these problems, if he has the mental aptitude to do so.  Also, how can he learn if the coach won’t bench him and make him learn on the sideline from the pine?

I believe this is the end of the Christian Ponder era in Minnesota.  In the long run, I see him taking on a backup role, learning the position from a good veteran, and eventually becoming at least a mediocre to good QB if the right situation presents itself to him.  It will be a shame that this couldn’t have happened in MN because of the investment put into him.

The biggest problem here is that Musgrave and Ponder have no chemistry and nothing is being done about it.  Frazier should be pulling Ponder and making him learn instead of being afraid of damaging his psyche by removing him from the game (ex. Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez).  As an NFL coach, you can’t expect him to learn everything on the field without him being able to take a step back and analyze the situation and what he is doing wrong.

I will try to upload a couple polls for you guys to see what any readers think.  Thanks for taking the time to read my first post!


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